Firts of all here I’m to help when family moved to somewhere and for finding a home and reorganize their lives


The property is specialized in real estate consulting, marketing home and short selling your home and providers of for sale, for rent and seasonal with the aid of Eskidji Real Estate Agents located in Muğla / Bodrum /Turkey

Mainly aim is to identify buyers and establish contacts that bring buyers and sellers together and send you further information about homes as well as pictures and up to date notices or short presentation in office.

Upon receipt of your detailed inquiries. Provide a wide home range with competitive prices due to strong business network including home with good quality service and competitive prices due to strong business network including home owners.

In dealing all types of request with well experienced. In every step of your request process, doing best to help and manage things, so you do not need to worry about anything,”  how to find a realtor, where to apply, how to get home in Bodrum easiest and safest way, which type of area more profitable for you ” These questions give everybody a little headache, unless you are having my assistance.

Working together with partners in every step of their order, before and after sale. As a result of co-operations. Mission is to make customers satisfied with true real estate solutions and  high quality service.

Building stable and credible long term business relationships with customers are top priorities. Main focused on providing a real value to clients with premium service.

If you are looking for a great quality home and trustable business relations, always at your service and would like to express desire to enter business relations with your esteemed customers. I want to utilize my knowledge, in order to help to you.

Thanks you for your support and accompany me within this trip.

If you find business is possible, do not hesitate to come with further enquiries and demands.

Awaiting for your kind reply, we remain


Hakan Kutluyurdu

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