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Opening Questions to #FSBO for calling


Hi, this is [NAME] with [COMPANY], and I’m calling about the home for sale … are you the owner?

They will probably ask you things like: “Do you have a buyer for the property?”


The main point of these opening questions is keep it simple and get details from the seller.

When do you sell this home?
Where are you moving to?
When do you have to be moved by?
How did you determine your listing price?
Why are you selling the property yourself?
Did you consider using an agent?


are you willing to pay me a 3% commission when I get you a qualified buyer?


Does today at 5pm or tomorrow at 6pm work better for you? ( 20 minutes )

Recipe for preparation of Local #Tag

*city* homes for sale
*city state abr* homes for sale
homes for sale *city*
homes for sale in *city*
homes for sale *city state abr*
homes for sale in ….

For instance, the search term “street lights” may get more searches, but if you are selling solar street lights, that is not the traffic that you want.

 Real Estate Name Ideas How To Find The Perfect Name?

The URL: You really want a .com. If your name doesn’t have a .com available, you really will want to consider not using the name.
● Keywords: It’s great if you can include a keyword in your name and url. Real estate or homes are two fantastic options.
● Branding: Be sure to check out this real estate branding guide. You’ll want your name to reflect your brand.

People almost always associate great things with nature.
People generally are looking for someone very professional when they hire a realtor.
*So, stick to local name associations that are positive and professional.
*Simply using a real estate team name like: “The Jones Team” or “The Johnson Group” is good enough.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

This freebie is a fun way to keep your brand in front of many people for a low cost. Pass them out at a event you’re volunteering for or at conferences you attend.
Give away freebies at open houses ( Proje olursa )
Give free bonuses for an error you’ve made
Want to be in front of your clients all year round? Make a calendar that contains your business contact information. It’s a good idea to use pictures from you local community.
Radio shows constantly need content. If you have a good voice, you might be able to help them with a show segment.
Reach Out To Contacts Daily
Referral Program
Get Your Number In Clients Phone
Door knocking
Make telephone calls
Keep in touch with clients that move away
Text messaging
Local Newspaper Event Listings
Join Networking Groups
Industry Associations
Graphics on your car
Develop partnerships with other business owners
Develop relationships with media
Be an advocate for your customers
Give customers what they want
Focus on service
A name tag at events
Ask people what could make the process easier
Watch your competitors
Talk to random people you bump into everyday
Answer your phone on the first ring
Listen to your customers
Have A Real Estate Website
Youtube channels are a great way to passively introduce yourself to your clients.
A simple email signature with your phone number, email address, and website address will help clients remember where to find out more about you.
Email List building
Publish Articles on LinkedIn
Comment on Articles on LinkedIn
Join a Hashtag Twitter Conversation
Do video tours of the house

 What Are The Best Traits To Have Within Your Content?

Your blog titles are like the ads for your article, people judge whether they read your content based on the title alone so going forward you might want to have that in mind. Usually when coming up with titles I use

Explains The Topic Clearly
Shows Images That Relate To The Content
Has A Video Within The Content That I Can Watch (Optional)
Helps Me Understand Everything I Need To Know

Have ONE Keyword Within Your Title
Make Sure You Have Your Target Keyword In Your Meta Description
Use Internal & External Links
If Relevant Use Your Target Keyword In A Headline
Have Your Keyword In Your URL
Interact With People In Your Comments (Most People Don’t Do This)
Share Your Content Socially
Use Images With Alt Tags (Use Your Target Keyword)

Foreclosure, Bank Owned, and Short Sale Teaser Email and Script

“I just heard about a great foreclosure deal. Can you remind me what price range and neighborhood you are looking in? These proper ties normally go fast, so let me know as soon as you can. When are you available to view a good deal?”

Price-Reduced Properties Email

“I am sending you a list of the properties that have just reduced their prices. These homeowners tend to be more motivated sellers. If you are looking for a good deal, we should schedule a time to view some of these homes. Could you give me a call as soon as possible to schedule a time to get together? Please click on the link below to view the attached price-reduced properties.”

Free Home Inspection Offer

“My boss just gave me two free home inspection certificates that I can give out ‘this week’ to two separate buyers that are interested in viewing homes on this Saturday or Sunday. This is a huge savings that doesn’t happen very often. Are you available this weekend?”

Contest Email

“Time for another great Home4investment contest. Congratulations to ‘Bob K’ for winning last month’s challenge! This month, we are giving away a free home appraisal from one of our preferred lenders to the first three people that can answer the following questions correctly: question #1, #2, #3. They are a little tougher this time, but all the answers can be found on my website ‘MyWebsite.’ Please include mailing address so that we can mail the vouchers to the winner.”

 Adwords Keywords Planner

Do you have a blog? If not, perhaps it’s time to think about having one. 😊 Why? 👉To show your audience that you are knowledgeable, you care and you are ready to do business.

Also, blogs are an excellent way to rank on Google for free, provided you use the right keywords.

Doing keyword research is fairly simple, but there are a few techy details involved. ✅ First of all, you’ll need to set up a Google Adwords account in order to use the free Google Keyword Planner tool.

It is free and is a great tool to have. Here are the instructions step by step:

1.Go to:
2.Click on Start Now
3.Click on Skip the guidance set up link (no need to enter the billing details)
4.Enter your details to create your own google account, if you don’t already have one
5.Follow the prompts, agree to the privacy policy
6.Go to your mailbox and check for an email from Google to validate your account
7. Click on the confirmation link
8. You should see the Adwords Dashboard now
9. Go to Tools
10. Click on Keyword Planner
11. Under the “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website,category” add keywords that is related to your work and you think your clients are interested in it. Eg. Sales tips, house décor, moving tips, real estate tips, choosing a realtor, successful realtor, real estate reports etc
12. Click on “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” under Keyword options
13. Click on save and then click on Get ideas.

Now you should be able to see lots of keywords related to your topics. 👉I suggest you to download it as an excel spreadsheet, it is much easier and quicker to filter columns. You can download it, by clicking “download” and choose Excel CSV file.
Have a look and notice the ones with high monthly average searches.
Now you know what keywords to put in the content of your blog piece/ website or any article to get lots of traffic on Google and create a higher profile for your ideal clients.

Easy peasy.