My life traces from Istanbul to Bodrum people who are interested this story, they could find all details below:

I was born in Italy and I post graduated from Istanbul Commerce University / International Trade department. I can speak english, italian and a bit of french. I have worked as foreign trade expert and increased import export activities worked in textile industry for many years. My mainly partnerships  were leading brand of the world which is :


Accordingly I’m experienced on international trade for all over the world.


I have aesthetic concerns, I treasure culture more than richness and I dont like luxury and ostentation. I like travelling, meeting new people and culture, blogging, tennis, art history, jazz music and I don’t smoke.

I’m married with a doctor and we have a daughter who name is #Elysee. After my wife got an offer and we moved to Bodrum but normally she was already from Muğla. The person who I know Istanbul like palm of hand hereafter I had to learn as soon Bodrum where I live in the same way quickly ; because I always like to be aware of I live.

I have gone and seen to every part of Bodrum I’m still getting around here because I’m working here as real estate consultant accordingly I trip every part of peninsula and help people looking for home for sale & for rent within Eskidji.


Hakan Kutluyurdu

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